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  • Hi Dylan. Thank you for putting this plugin together. I appreciate the effort you have put into it.

    I am putting a new WordPress site together for a writer friend who wants to provide a status on his current draft novel, multiple articles and various columns. Each writing project will be represented as a single chart, preferably a pie chart showing cumulative words as a fraction of the estimated total when completed.

    I’d like to display each pie chart title with the custom field key and the custom field value as the single label. I’m about to start reading the codex for the PHP code to pull those key/value attributes from the custom fields, if possible.

    I am using a template tag in a page to display the graphs. This has necessitated the additional installation of the Exec-PHP and Disable Visual Editor plugins.

    I was wondering if your plugin allows for multi-set data to accommodate text encoding with data scaling format. I tried using the key value set to ‘t:40,60’ with cht=p3 as an example but the resulting chart was not what what I had hoped for.

    So, I’m going to continue experimenting and documenting my progress but if you can offer some insights before I look at your code I’ll likely help your beer fund. Cheers.

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