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  • It’s an interesting idea, and doubtless there will be people who find it useful.

    But if it becomes part of core and replaces the text and existing visual editor modes, a lot of users – including me – will be very unhappy.

    Remember when MS tried to impose the Metro interface? Like that, except that it will inevitably lead to a fork of the codebase to maintain a version that doesn’t have it.

    Update: tried the latest version and it’s still sloooow on my netbook due to the bloat. Look, if I can’t edit something away from home it is no use to me.

    Why this is thought to be a priority for WP development over, for example, making the core more secure (limiting failed logins from an IP address by default, having the option to limit on how insecure a password can be, ending the horrendous xmlrpc “Let’s allow a hundred login attempts at once, all with different username/password combinations” ‘feature’ etc etc etc) I do not know.

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    One bit of information that’s important to get across is there will be some way of turning off Gutenberg. How this will happen hasn’t been decided yet. That said, it’s still evolving as a project, the hope being less and less people will want to turn off as it grows with feedback.

    Thank you for giving feedback as it does matter and count. Gutenberg to progress needs all types of feedback from all types of users.

    It would still be better as a plugin. Why force me to have twenty copies of the code on the server when it’s not going to be used?

    At the moment WP has a ‘disable visual editor’ option in the user settings – that should be a clue as to how welcome this will be as core.

    Oh, another issue is that it feels like a lot of work is being done in the browser. Certainly using this was very s..l..o..w.. when I was short of memory at this end and tabs were running slowly.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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