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  • Well! I upgraded to 1.5 and since i first started I have changed some things here and there and have rested happily on this design.

    An Adventure of an Entertainer

    this site is to log my pursuit as an actor and to keep friends and family informed on my latest news.

    Things are still being altered here and there, specifically I have been trying desperately to get a Image Text Replacement working for my server (the ALA version doesn’t work for me) and have also been trying to get a gallery for my headshots and onset and onstage productions. New pics of my latest shoot hopefully up tonight, on my new 1.5 wordpress. yeah!


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  • what’s the name of the history channel show ?

    site looks good.

    Man, Moment, Machine. (doesn’t come out till August.)

    and thanks 🙂

    You’re welcome.

    I spend alot of time watching that channel.

    love the design. good luck with the work 🙂

    thank you Jinsan…it’s nice to have it on the resume, but more work would be even better!

    Looks good man.

    I like it too. I’ve always been a big fan of the blue/orange color combo.

    I like your sidebar titles too, with the magazine theme. The only thing I’d say is to increase the space between the right side of the comments and the sidebar, they’re right on top of each other. But I tend to like a wider setup so it might just be my own preference. 🙂


    thanks trish, noted 🙂

    i’m glad it came through as a magazine theme, that’s exactly what I was going for.

    it’s getting there hehe.

    Can you tell me where you found your theme code? Did you design it yourself. It’s fantastic!!


    hi takeiteasymama, this is my own design. thank you 🙂

    hope you don’t mind rainy days in seattle, there are a lot of them…bu ti’m sure you know that.

    generally, things are quite nice in the seattle area, hope you like it here 😀

    and the site looks very nice, as well.

    thansk underdog 🙂 yes seattle is wonderful! I’ll have to endure the weather. But i went in January for an audition and it was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to live there. Only 5 more days.

    make sure you take some time to check out some scenic places. one i’m sure you’d enjoy is snoqualmie falls– absolutely beautiful and if i remember correctly there’s a nice hike down to the river if you enjoy hikes. on the way out there and just past are a lot of places that still seem virtually untouched. that’s what i love about washington– you can still see nature…unlike in fl where i used to live…hah; it’s pretty much just asphault there anymore.

    what a great spot…you should do templates….or do you.. I did not notice..
    I love it..
    oh and good luck with acting.. I am a stage hand in los(t) angeles. I also worked for a acting coach, so I know it can be very grueling..

    thanks for the tip xtheunderdog!

    latinastyln thanks! I don’t currently do templates but would love to. Guess I never considered it. Maybe we’ll meet up in the workforce one day. I’ll make sure to bookmark you.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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