• DO NOT use this plugin if you’re concerned with web accessibility.

    I’ve seen some pretty bad practice code in my day, but this plugin may take the cake. The devs clearly don’t have a grasp of basic HTML because they misuse nearly every user interface object possible, making it an incredibly poor experience for keyboard and screen reader users. It’s bad enough they replace the filter labels with random headings, but they don’t even use real form labels in their dashboard settings! I mean, come on, seriously? The code in this plugin would fail a high school “Web Dev 101” course.

    Not to mention the dashboard experience is a complete nightmare.

    To those of you who aren’t developers and seeking a nice filter plugin for your store, PLEASE look elsewhere. I get it, you just want your storefront to look nice without having to code. I understand the struggle. But while this plugin may look like a Ferrari, trust me when I tell you it’s a total lemon.

    I could go on and on about the multitude of problems with this plugin but I’ll just end with this: Until the devs learn how to implement form fields correctly and implement accessibility optimizations, avoid this plugin at all costs.

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  • Plugin Author RealMag777


    Hi, if you have problems or doesn understand things you can ask them here https://pluginus.net/support/forum/woof-woocommerce-products-filter/

    but they don’t even use real form labels in their dashboard settings – If you ever had the experience of creating a plugin that must work with many themes alongside other plugins without conflicting with the code or breaking due to someone else’s code, you would understand. But it seems like you have read many articles from some beginner’s site and decided that your opinion is the most correct. However, the world is not as you imagine it in your head.

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