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  • I hope someone can help. I have a multisite used for educational workshops and I’m using the AMU plugin to import registered users. When I run the import I receive a confirmation email that all is well and the users have been added, and also receive a message in WP that the import was successful. Great. The only problem is that the users are never added to either the site where I registered them or in the network. Does anyone know why this isn’t working? The last time I added students I figured I had to wait awhile but after they started emailing me that they couldn’t login I knew there was a problem (and had to then add them manually, one at a time). Thanks.

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  • Same problem for me at WP 3.5.2
    I found I can make manual entries OK, but not from a CSV file.
    It’s not a volume issue since I was only adding 4 users.
    Since I’m only testing this, I suppressed the email notification but I doubt that relates, and lschankm used the email, and it didn’t work either.

    Ma Culpa, sort of.
    On re-reading the documentation I discovered one has to provide a user_login – I didn’t. But AMU reported the users were added and there was no error log. On trying a few entries with user_login set, it worked…..
    I guess I will use the email addresses as the user_login, but it seems you can only reference a field once, so I will have to go through my CSV file and duplicate the email column – trivial annoyance.

    Thanks John41. I looked at my last CSV file and it did have a user_login field (duplicated email address), but the previous one did not (hmm???). Does it perhaps matter which column it’s in? Mine was the last column. Next time I load a new group I’ll make sure the field is there and check again.

    p.s. I also had to change the password format. Originally, I had students use their email address for user_pass initially (and suggested they change it themselves), but apparently AMU doesn’t allow special characters, like the @ sign, so that might have been a problem as well.

    Well, I tried uploading again, this time including user_login as well as user_pass, user_email, role, first_name and last_name. As before I received confirmation that all users were added (except two who were previously registered for another class), and what’s weird is that the User panel actually states that the total number of users include both myself and the new students that I just added. Yet, their names don’t appear anywhere and when I tried to upload the CSV file again I received the error that they were already registered. So, where are they? I’m quite sure they won’t be able to login, as that happened last time. So now I’ll have to manually add them with new user names. What could I be doing wrong?

    Thanks for anyone’s help!

    I’m about to use this and happened to be reading this thread. I just wanted to mention that I seem to recall that your users page may not reflect these users until they actually log in. I think this behavior varies according to the method you use to add them

    danmylotte, thanks for the info. That actually sounds quite reasonable, but that should mean that if I login as the user they should then appear. I believe I did that and still didn’t see them, but that was several weeks ago and since then I uninstalled the plugin (partly for this reason and partly because it conflicted with yet another plugin that we recently decided to use, WP Responder).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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