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    I have a problem with the upcoming events of the amr ical widget.

    I inserted my public ics. google cal link and at start it showed me the upcoming events. But right now, after a few days, it just shows the past events and not the upcoming. Actually i would like to have just the upcoming events to be shown… I tried all the shortcodes etc. in the widget, but it didnt work. I’ll attach 2 screens to show you what i mean.
    I already read a lot of topics here, but i am not sure about a solution. I hope it is possible in any way.

    Info: I use Listtype 7 and edited it.

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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Hi Fabian,

    1) check for the listtype cache settings in hours – has it refreshed from google?
    2) check in your system log whether the http request is timing out or not. If yes see under settings, advanced, you can extend the http timeout
    3) please post your ics url and/or check it yourself by opening in a text editor, whether the new events are actually in the file. Are the new events in the file
    4) In the screenshot you posted you are showing June events. Are your new events in July?

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    thanks for the reply.

    1) Cache settings (Events, Days, cache): 7, 60,1
    2) I don’t know how i can check this?

    –> yes the data are taken over, I have this link also in 2 other calendars, there the events are also taken over.

    4) Both. There were new events in June and in July.

    So I think that the data are taken from the google calendar. The only problem is: I would like the widget to always show me the 7 upcoming events (from the current day). Events that are past, should not be displayed at all. So as soon as an event is over, it should fly out of the display and the 7th newest event should come into the list.

    Do you understand what I mean? or am I explaining it badly, my english is unfortunately not so good.

    Thank you very much!


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    Plugin Author anmari


    It looks there were past events in the file and in the screenshot you had navigated to June, so yes if there were June events in the file they would show.

    Most lists by default show future events starting with current date. Some lists like the monthly calendar (or if the time period is specified in months), will show any past events in the current month too.

    The widget listtype (4) shows events from the current date by default.

    IF navigation like show_month_nav=1 show_look_more=1 pagination=1 is shown, then users can navigate to past events if they exist in the ics file.

    So one could simply NOT have any navigation that would let people click to old events. IE show_month_nav=0 show_look_more=0 pagination=0

    Alternatively Events are displayed with classes like ‘future’, ‘inprogress’ or ‘history’ so one could hide or grey out past events.

    See parameters here:

    Demo of widget listtype here
    Demo of listtype with navigation

    It looks like you have deleted the old events from the ics file.

    Thread Starter fabian296


    `I am not sure if I understand it completely. Yes I had created the calendar then again. The one before that was just a test calendar, so to speak. The current is now active.

    I use only the widget. I have the following settings now active:

    e.g. today (30.June) only the event from 30. june is displayed. But actually I still have some events that come already on July 2.
    Are events from the next month not displayed?

    I’ll see if it works in July now, that always the 7 latest events are displayed by the widget and the expired events are replaced by new ones (but still only 7 maximum).

    If it does not work I would like to contact you again.

    Thanks a lot.


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    phew, I don’t understand why it doesn’t just show the new events as of today’s date….
    I added older events to Google Calendar 2 hours ago (for completeness for the users). Now it has updated the widget automatically, but still shows the past events from June and not the future ones….

    I do not understand it

    Plugin Author anmari


    Fabian, I suspect you are getting difficulties here because in the screenshot you appear to be using the ‘Upcoming event calendar’ widget which is intended to be a block calendar widget. It has a bunch of defaults that suit that.

    BLOCK calendars will show all events in the month being shown including past events. You are then trying to force it to be a list by specifing listtype 7 which is intended to be for people using amr-events and to show upcoming recurring times for an internal event.

    PLEASE use the widget ‘upcoming events list’ rather if you do NOT want a black calendar as that appears to be more suited to your needs. By default it uses listtype 4 & does not have navigation.

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    ahhh okey, i understand. You are right I used the Upcoming Events Calendar widget.

    I have now selected Upcoming Events List. Does it work with Listtype 4 for sure that always only the newest 7 are shown or does Listtype 7 work too?

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    Its working now with Listtype 4 and the Upcoming events list!

    thanks a lot for the help!

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