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  • I just wanted to submit a bugreport, but now that I think about it, maybe it’s just my not being used to English/American time notation..
    I’ve noticed that when I write an entry at, let’s say, 12:12, that is, 12 minutes past noon, it gets displayed (using the_time(‘g:i a ‘)) as “12:12 pm”. A post published at 00:12, twelve minutes past midnight, gets displayed as “12:12 am”. Now I wonder, is this correct behaviour? It’s only these past-12 hours that confuse WordPress (or me), so.. If anyone could clear this up for me, I’d be grateful.

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  • WP does it right 🙂 But I wouldn’t know for sure what noon/midnight *sharp* is, am or pm. tells us: “By definition, 12 a.m. denotes midnight, and 12 p.m. denotes noon, but there is sufficient confusion over these uses to make it advisable to use 12 noon and 12 midnight where clarity is required.” (American Heritage Dictionary)

    I much prefer H:i

    Confusing.. I think the European convention for 12 always meaning noon and 0 or 24 always meaning midnight is a bit clearer, but oh well 🙂

    Thanks for the info!

    H makes 24-hour clock with leading zeros, I personally use G which is the 24-hour clock without leading zeros

    As someone who works Grave shift, and has for many years, I can tell you what the fact of the matter is — and it has nothing to do with US vs. EU time notation.

    The start of a new day is at zero hours (0000). This is also called “midnight”. Many people use this term incorrectly, i.e. “tonight at midnight, lets go to the pub” (which would technically be in the past).

    Midnight == 0000 hours == 12:00am
    Noon == 1200 hours == 12:00pm

    Think of it like this: the am/pm notation “rolls over” when the hour is a multiple of twelve. I.e. 11:59pm becomes 12:00am (midnight), and 11:59am becomes 12:00pm (noon).

    am/pm notation, simply put, sucks. 24-hour time is the way to go.

    Hope this helps.

    Hopefully no one starts a debate on date format now 😉 NO! DON’T YOU DARE! 😛 Oi, the baggage of wide-spread species.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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