• I am trying to get my feed at http://www.domesticdiversions.com added into the AmphetaDesk News Aggregator, but I get this message:
    AmphetaDesk could not determine the format of http://domesticdiversions.com/b2rss2.php.
    I suspect it may result from an illegal character somewhere in the feeds, but I am not sure. We are listed at syndic8.com and had to pass xml parsing to get listed there.
    I am suprised that word press doesn’t search for and find illegal characters as part of the posting process. It should have a list of such characters and replace them with the numerical equivalent.

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  • http://domesticdiversions.com/b2rss2.php
    I don’t know about AmphetaDesk News Aggregator but Bloglines took the URL pretty conviniently and display was ok!

    I use feedvalidator.org to check on feeds, it actually tells you what line the error is on and gives an excerpt of the issue. In my experience it’s been really good about picking out issues, it’s a great service. For the URL posted it complained about the long dash in:
    … ing up in their midst on the playground — although once reassured are of …

    Yep, once I used http://feedvalidator.org (also suggested by the author of Amphetadesk) instead of http://aggregator.userland.com I immediately found the problems. Good advice reverend.
    There were many emdashes which had to be replaced by either double hyphens or the special character code and some smart quotes that had to be replaced as well. It seems to me that these types of things should be parsed and replaced automatically by wordPress. Does anyone have a hack that does something like this? Is it planned for future releases? Is it there and I missed it. Can I disallow certain characters in posts in wordPress?
    The problem (I think) is that the owner of domestic diversions appears to use a word processor to generate the content and then cuts and pastes and these special characters get included.
    Thanks again, and I look forward to additional info.

    The b2rss2.php works with my Feedreader desktop aggregator

    So my questions is still …. can we make it so that common characters that create bad feeds are replaced automatically. Emdashes and curly quotes seem to be the two big ones I am seeing from posters on my blog. I think it is because they are cutting and pasting, and/or using word. I can easily clean up what I post, but I am having to clean their posts as well.

    you can set it to strip HTML from feeds. it’s in the options somewhere. it might be CVS only though.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Well it should be catching those common characters that mess up feeds.

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