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    I’m running into a bit of a puzzle with a custom shortcode I’m developing. It can take as input strings containing &-characters sortof like so:
    [mycode input="a&b"]
    The value ‘a&b’ is then matched against entries in a MySQL-DB, and some integer values returned. (You can think of the entire system as an elaborate associative array.) The problem is that for some reason the ‘a&b’-string is not found in the DB, even if a manual query yields the requested information just fine.

    After some experimenting I discovered that if I HTML-ised the ampersand like so:
    [mycode input="a&b"]
    and then used PHP’s htmlspecialchar_decode() on the value before passing it onto the DB, the query would succeed. This led me to believe that somehow the lonely ampersand is escaped/replaced/altered before the shortcode gets to see it, or perhaps even during shortcode processing.

    My questions: a) is this hypothesis correct? b) if so, what happens exactly when? c) is there a way to disable this process? and d) if not, are there other options to allow ampersands in values of shortcode attributes without coding them like a HTML entity?

    (Apologies: in the second example I wanted to write out the HTML-ised code for the ampersand so ‘glyph for ampersand’amp;, but I’m defeated by the post processing system.)

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  • After a bit of searching I found my own answer: yes, ampersands and the like are processed before the shortcode-handlers are called. A simple preg_replace() to transform them back before I did further processing was the answer. (However, be careful if you then want to print a string containing such an unescaped ampersand; your document will otherwise not be valid (X)HTML!)

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