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  • I’m having an issue with encoded ampersands within URLs inside posts. I have a post that contains a URL that has an encoded ampersand when you go to the html edit view on the “Write Post” screen. When the page is run through the W3C validator, the same ampersand is shown as not encoded, any idea why this is happening?

    the post is located @

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  • just change it to &

    it doesn’t matter that it’s a URL, it will still work correctly, and it will validate too.

    I’m going to post my code for this post because I really can’t figure out why it isn’t validating correctly. I’m having similar problems with other posts, maybe I’m just simply overlooking something simple, but check this out:

    <p><img alt="American Idol, Stephanie Edwards" src="" /></p>
    	<li>In a move that may inspire riots in the street, southern soul-singing diva <strong><a href="">Stephanie Edwards</a></strong> was, <strong><a href="">as we predicted</a></strong>, voted off <em>American Idol</em> last night.</li>
    	<li>Apparently there are living humans who feel that pop culture needs another go-round with the <strong><a href="">Spice Girls</a></strong>. Now that Mel C has said yes (!) the group may reunite.</li>
    	<li><strong><a href=";newsitemID=69152">Sebastian Bach</a></strong> has reportedly opened his own eBay store. This way he can get rid of all the rock stuff overtaking his house, he says. We want the hat Gil wears when delivering sandwiches on the <em>Gilmore Girls</em>.</li>
    	<li>Whew. If Sonic Youth is going to bother to play the entirety of <em>Daydream Nation</em> they should do it more than once. And now, according to <strong><a href="">Pitchfork</a></strong>, they will.</li>

    That is how my code reads exactly for the post in question and I have posts that are similar.



    Did you resolved the problem’s topic?

    I had the problem at my new site:

    …in a page, i deleted now.

    If you get the solution, please share with me! =)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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