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    Since there is not AMP support and the gallery is not shown on AMP pages, is there any way to show a button or a text only for AMP pages with a link to the non-AMP version to see the gallery? I mean, display a div or a button or something like that only in the AMP and hide it on non-AMP (where the gallery works)

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Plugin Author Marek Dědič


    I suppose you could do that, if you have some plugin specifically for AMP. It’s not a thing the gallery would (or should) do, though.

    I’d advise not using AMP as a solution – the plugin is built to be as lightweight as possible (but it’s still a gallery, so you need to load a lot of stuff kind of by definition…). We do not plan to support AMP, however, if such changes wouldn’t negatively affect other users, PR’s are welcome: https://github.com/skaut/skaut-google-drive-gallery/pulls


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