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    Hi – I installed the AMP for WP plugin, but deleted it as it broke my website when viewing from mobile! It seemed that even though it was deleted and all the files were removed, it still kept breaking my site when trying to update a page(s) on my website. I’ve spoke with developers, but they said they haven’t come across this issue before. I had to have my whole website reset by my service providers. I left it 1-month and when I try to update my content again, it broke again! So had to reset site yet again. This is so frustrating as you imagine. I really don’t want to try an update my site again as it will keep breaking!

    Is there anything else I can try or do?

    Kind regards,

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  • Sad to see someone comment on here with no response. I add to it, as I also have an issue. I am currently restoring from Amazon S3 backups.

    My advice to anyone and everyone, do NOT install Amp for WP on a live site. It’s clearly got issues and has broken my site and deactivating plugin / uninstalling it does not solve the issue.

    As it’s 3 months on since the original post, I can’t offer Chris anything, but I can warn any new people who are considering installing it.

    i have the same issue here if its already fixed please tell me how to do it

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    Hi David,
    I’ve fixed it now. Do you have Jetpack plugin on your website? If so, you just have to make sure that the mobile version within Jetpack is deactivated! You can do this in the settings tab and scroll down you will see it. Hope this helps and good luck.

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