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  • Hi,

    I am running this plugin, together with PageFrog and Yoast add-on, and I just noticed that /amp/ permalinks are giving me 404 errors now.

    I tried disabling the other AMP plugins and leaving only this one, but with no success.

    Can anyone help me solving this issue?

    Thank you

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  • Try resaving your permalinks.

    Also read through the support threads for topics related to things recently sorted (or almost so) like Windows servers, Cloudflare, WProcket, etc.

    what is your url structure? or smth else?

    I have a custom permalink structure. Anyway, after deactivating/reactivating plugins and permalinks a couple of times I got it to work. Strange, but in the end I got the result.

    Turns out the trick is to
    a) clear transients, like with wp-optimize plugin
    b) resave permalinks

    not documented

    Ok, now it stopped working again and it will work only if I use some standard permalinks structure, mostly it looks like it is the “category” part that sets this plugin off, but I really cannot change my entire URL structure just for this bug.

    This is how my website permalinks are set up:


    Looks like THIS is the bug:

    Still, I do not know why last time just saving some options did the trick.

    Anyway, I am completely at loss here to understand why they just started working again, a couple minutes after deleting this fork of the plugin that I tried in the meantime: and re-activating the original AMP plugin.

    The /amp post link delays too long to load, around 20 seconds. The official post page opens very quickly. Less than a second.

    Do you know why??


    I installed the AMP plugin and resave permalink but still it’s not working. Is any other setting need to be done on AMP?

    I keep getting /amp/ not working after other plugins updates or any other random changes to the WP installation. The only workaround seems to be: deactivate then reactivate the plugin again, and clear any caching plugins caches.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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