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  • The AMP plugin within the WP core is generating incomplete CSS code being rejected by Google’s Adsense bots. This one is weird. I have over 9,400 posts, and yet Google has determined these errors, which are not custom CSS, exist on 196 of them. The plugin is up to date and there does not appear to be any plugin conflict.
    Here’s one of the 196 urls.

    The style below falls under “/* Inline styles */”
    They cite this as the AMP CSS being broken and missing a closing ‘;’:
    .amp-wp-inline-3d2d626be769dc44583490b38b33346f{font-size:13px;}.amp-wp-inline-2791b42ccddefbbbbd53f90f421b8cac{background-size:cover;background:url(‘;) 50% 50% no-repeat;height:88px;margin-bottom:5px;max-width:100%;max-width:126.5px;} </style>
    Is there a fix? The odd thing is, it does not happen to every one of those 9,400 posts.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • The AMP plugin within the WP core

    There’s no such thing. Which plugin are you using to add AMP? You’ll need to ask its developers directly.


    I ran a quick check on google amp checker.

    It does show an error with inline CSS style.
    I’m not familiar with AMP, but as far as I know, /* should not be in CSS.


    Is this something you can remove? If it’s generating from the AMP plugin, then please contact the plugin developer as @jakept suggested.

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    @utz119 Benachi, that’s the problem. This is a core WP plugin, and not a separate one. Automattic is the developer. The CSS was not manually added, either. I have no way to actually remove the erroneous CSS because it is virtually created by the plugin. The plugin is not identified in as the core product, so no idea how to contact the developer as @jakept suggests.

    @jakept Jacob, WP added an AMP plugin to its core installation in the past year or so. It is not easily identified to find the developers or I would have done that.

    On the admin panel, click Plugins < Installed Plugins

    Do you see a plugin that related to AMP?

    If so, click VIEW DETAIL, you will see a popup window opens up.
    Click Plugin Page link on the pop-up.

    On the plugin page, you should be able to ask for support.

    Hope this helps.

    @jakept Jacob, WP added an AMP plugin to its core installation in the past year or so. It is not easily identified to find the developers or I would have done that.

    The WordPress software, that you can download from here, did not add AMP., the hosted service that you can sign up for here, might have.

    These are not the same thing. You can learn more about the difference between and here

    If you have a site on, then support for your site is handled by them. You can find their support page here. They are responsible for any issues you might have with any functionality on their platform (which is based on — but not the same as — the software available at

    All that said, I would wager that the AMP functionality on is powered by this plugin, which is also made by Automattic.

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    Thanks @utz119. I found it and wrote one of the developers and posted on the plugin’s support page. Evidently this is a widespread issue with AdSense and that plugin which was included in one of the 4.x updates of WP. It was not, as Jacob @jakept suggests, something I added manually. Oddly, the plugin says and Google are among the authors. It does not credit Automattic. My site is self-hosted, and not a site. I don’t even use Jetpack, and AMP was automagically installed on each of my 14 domains.

    I am hoping one of the developers look at this and work to fix it. Google provides no support for this issue.

    Mate I’m telling you, WordPress did not add AMP and does not install plugins on its own. Browse the Releases and you won’t find any mention of AMP. If a plugin’s been installed on its own it would either have been done by a user on your site or your host. Another possibility is that you’ve been hacked, but I doubt anyone would do that just to install the AMP plugin.

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