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    I would like to know if it is compatible with AMP plugins because Next Gen gallery (even AMP plugins do not work with NEextGen Gallery) is not and I am looking to switch to a new plugin

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    This is the problem with AMP and NextGen Gallery ““hen I look at the source code for our /amp/ pages after installing the wordpress AMP plugin, there are some left-over bits of nextgen gallery which end up in the footer. These look like they are added OUTSIDE the proper hooks/actions of wordpress which is probably why they end up in the code when they shouldn’t…

    The offending items include:
    <!– ngg_resource_manager_marker –><!– ngg_resource_manager_marker –>
    jquery-migrate.min.js (which creates a dependency for jquery too)

    These break the google AMP page validation, and therefore potentially stop AMP pages being indexed.””

    Is it gonna happen the same with this one?




    You will have to test it out using the free version of the plugin.

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