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  • I just installed AMM (which is great!) on my blog and it’s working wonderfully, but I can’t figure out how to wrap the text around the book thumbnails. On my books page you’ll see how all the info displays correctly, but it starts near the bottom of the book image. I want to wrap it around the image. The same as would happen if, in HTML, you put align=”left” inside the image tag.

    Do you know how to do it? Thanks for your time!

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  • Could that be because you only have a single sentence paragraph? I looked on your books page and everything seems to wrap nicely. Are you using the same format?

    Hmm, well I added a bunch of “dummy text” underneath The Illuminator to see if having more content would push it up, but it didn’t.

    What do you mean by using the same format?

    I guess in the Book category, each post is about a specific book. How do you have the image coded in the post?

    Your Books page also has coding in for the images and text. How is this coded?

    You can email both to me at jwurster at comcast dot net, and I will look at them. I’ve tried to do what you are doing in your page, but with limited success.

    Oh no, I’m not hand coding this page. It’s being run with the Amazon Media Manager Plugin, that’s why I’m not sure how to make the text wrap around the images. If I weren’t doing this with AMM I wouldn’t be having this problem.

    The books aren’t in a book category, and they don’t link to specific posts, its all being done with with AMM.

    Oh, I see. Have you looked on the AMM site? Or asked the plugin author?

    I have looked all over their site, but I can’t find anything on formatting the appearance. I may email the author, but I thought I’d see if anyone where knew that answer first!


    All you gotta do is write a custom output template for the plugin, the details for doing so can be found on 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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