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    Hi all,

    I’ve created a WP site using MAMP, I then uploaded the finished site to go live but once it was live the theme I amended wasn’t working anymore and all I could see was the default thwentythirteen theme, all my content is gone too…

    I’ve double checked the files and when I look at them on my localhost all works and looks prefectly fine…I’ve tried to upload again, and to upload just the theme I was working on but nothing seems to work..

    Any ideas what the problem could be?

    THANKS A LOT!!!!


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  • May I have your live site url please?
    I’ve now manually changed the theme to see if that is the issue but all I can now see is the sample page of that theme.

    Have you moved our database from local host to your server?

    I’ve uploaded all the files that came with the WP installation, plus the new theme… And then I changed the wp-config file to point to my server

    You would have to follow this from your MAMP to your host, only then will you be able to see the same replica of your site.

    thanks so much for your help! I’ve now got a different issue…I changed the URL to but now I get a 404 error when I try to reload the page..
    And I can’t go back to my admin panel to change it.

    I know that I have to create a new directory called /wordpress, was I supposed to do that within the wordpress admin panel or within the c-panel of my host?

    I also can’t see the .htaccess file…and I did make sure that all files are visible.

    Any idea where to go from here?


    You have to create the /wordpress directory using cpanel of your host or by FTP/SSH into your server. If you are not using any fancy permalinks the .htaccess file might not be present. You can create one by following the instructions here. You can read more about permalinks here.

    I created a new directory (by creating a new FTP directory hope that was right). I then downloaded all the wp core files from my old directory and uploaded them into the new directory..but now I still get the 404 error when I try to get to my admin panel….

    I there anyway I can reverse what I have done and start again?…

    The simplest way to start again is to back up everything and delete all the files and directories using FTP and start with a fresh install and database.

    and do I then need to follow the “When Your Domain Name or URLs Change” and “On Your Existing Server”?

    Do I have to do that search and replace or can I skip it and go straight to the “On Your Existing Server” chapter?

    I’ve figured it out! This is what I did (in case someone else is having troubles with the WP instructions which just really confused me):

    – create a new MySQL Database using the c panel of my host
    – create a new MySQL user and assign the user to the new DB (all privileges) (in the c panel)
    – amend the wp_config file and enter the new DB details (host stays localhost)
    – go to MyPhpAdmin (in MAMP) and export the mamp database that was used (using .sql)
    – go to my c panel and to MyPhpAdmin, click on the new database that was created and import the .sql file
    – Upload all the wp files that are in your mamp htdocs folder to your live site using ftp or the filemanager
    – make sure that home and siteurl in wp_options are pointing to the site url and not to localhost:8888 or to
    – empty cache

    Thanks for all your support!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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