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  • Hi WordPress Folks

    I’m quite a newbie when it comes to WordPress, but I have been using the ‘J’ product for several years!

    I’ve been asked to do some alterations to an existing WordPress site. To date, everything has gone well and all the changes made have worked fine.

    However, I have a specific problem and I hope somebody can give me some pointers (please excuse me if these questions have a really obvious solution!). I have searched the forums and trawled the FAQ’s, but to no avail.

    The site currently has 3 ‘product pages’:

    and I am to add a new product page:

    All three current pages have been built using a template called ‘products‘.

    At the bottom of each of the three ‘product’ based pages there is an ‘Enquire‘ button/link, each linking to the URL of a specific contact form:

    I have already created a contact form for the new product page (Enquiry-Product-Four) and tested it, all is working fine.

    However, when I create my new page ‘Product-Four‘ using the ‘products‘ template, the ‘Enquire‘ button/link is added by default to the bottom of the page. However, when editing the new page in the Admin CP I don’t seem able to change the HREF of this button/link to point at the URL of my newly created contact form.

    Does anybody know where I can find this ‘default’ link (which appears to come from the template) and change the HREF in the Admin CP for the new page?

    Many Thanks in advance.


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