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Ambrosite Body Class Enhanced not working

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  • You’re right. I use this plugin a lot and I just noticed that if I view the source of the body tag the classes generated for the body appear to remain the same whether the plugin is activated or not. I’m using WordPress Version 3.4.1

    Ambrosite Body Class Enhanced Activated:
    <body class=”archive paged category category-video-image category-39 logged-in paged-2 category-paged-2″>

    Ambrosite Body Class Enhanced De-Activated:
    <body class=”archive paged category category-video-image category-39 logged-in paged-2 category-paged-2″>

    Perhaps we no longer need a plugin to generate extra body classes? Been busy working so I might’ve missed that bulletin…

    @pam1234: unless you’re trying to do something really complicated – and given the fact that unique body classes seem to be generating themselves by default, you ought to be able to do what you want even without this plugin. I recently started doing all my development work with Chrome because of its excellent Inspect Element feature. Safari also has this feature. Hope you get it sorted!

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    My plugin has never added anything to the body class of top level category archives. It does three things:

    – Add categories to single posts.
    – Add parent categories to subcategory archives.
    – Add postnames to posts and pages.

    So yes, you are not seeing any change in the particular example you gave, but that is because you are not looking in the right place. I just checked it again on my test server running WP 3.4.1, and everything is working as it should.

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    I need more information to troubleshoot your problem. A link to your website would help.

    I misunderstood the description you wrote for the plugin

    Enhances the body_class template tag, adding some extra classes to the body (post/page slugs, post categories, and archive parent categories) useful in developing custom themes.

    I guess I thought that when you wrote the plugin added extra classes to the body for archive parent categories that meant top level category archives because to me “parent” means top level.

    But you can see why someone might confuse what the plugin actually does. I read and re-read the plugin description, turned off the plugin and viewed the source before I wrote anything.

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    Yes, I can see how it might be confusing. On the other hand, I challenge you to write a clear, accurate, and SEO-friendly description for any plugin within the 150 character limit that WordPress imposes. I wish I did not have to write anything in that field, but WordPress requires it.

    The complete description of what the plugin does (along with examples) is on my documentation page:


    I’m sorry I read the actual plugin specs a long time ago.

    In any case Ambrosite Body Class Enhanced helps me design pages differently because of the additional body classes. If it weren’t for this plugin I’d be stuck with hooking into the page id.

    So because of that, it’s been helpful to me on a lot of projects.

    My only reason for joining this conversation was because I mistakenly thought this plugin was supposed to be adding additional classes to the body tag for top level category archives and it wasn’t. Now you have cleared up the misunderstanding. Thanks for your work.

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    Understood, and I’m glad to hear the plugin has been helpful to you. I just wanted to confirm that the plugin is still working. Whenever I see a thread like this, it makes me a little nervous that I might have missed something in my testing. 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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