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  • CG-Amazon has had wishlist support in for a loooong time now. But finally, after pleading with Amazon, they’ve added proper support for TRACKING clicks through to a wishlist item.

    CG-Amazon in CG-PowerPack 1.5a7 (and a few earlier versions) automatically has support for this new functionality, since I coded it up properly when I started the 1.5 version. Just one call to show_wishlist_items will put together a nice sidebar list (randomized), and when people click through the links and add to their cart, it’ll say “From Zzzz’s Wishlist”, and when purchased will track properly on your wishlist counts. In the a7 version it also auto prints out how many you need, if you need more than one.

    In PowerPack1.5a8 (working diligently), I added two new variables to cga-config: one to control showing the number needed of an item, and one to show the date you added the item to your list. That way, you control whether the extra info is shown. As Amazon adds more information (such as the priority field), I’ll get it added as additional options to output. I could probably also add a sort-by-date at some point if that’s desired.

    This will also make it easier to make your own “Wishlist Page” on your site, showing products you want with links — I’ll look into setting up a simple example, maybe just make the ability to use CG-Inline to print out your wishlist in a block, so you can embed wherever you want.

    Drop me a line if you have Qs!


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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