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  • I just started using the Firefox ‘S3 Organizer’ plug-in to manage an Amazon Web Services account to off-load some of the high-hit, large-sized files from my WordPress installation. This includes putting files on CloudFront. It was simple to use Urchin to identify the files to move: videos, PDFs and some selected graphic files. Once that was done, I turned to CSS files, but this was a little more difficult. I was able to get the WordPress theme CSS file to work by editing URL references so they’re direct–that is, they include the “http://www” portion of the URL. I haven’t yet worked on converting lots of my independent, non-Wordpress files so they point to their CSS file on AWS, but that’s a future project. After CSS, I turned my attention to the many Javascript files used by WordPress and its plug-ins. They generate lots of hits and bytes, and putting them out on CloudFront would reduce activity on my browser and potentially speed up retrieval by visitors. Javascript is a little harder to accomplish. I was able to re-direct some routine JS calls by editing the header theme template. But that leaves lots of plug-ins pointing to the JS files on my server instead of AWS. Anyone who has tackled moving and redirecting Javascript to AWS/CloudFront, I’d be anxious to hear your experiences. Any chance that future versions of WP or its plug-ins would have a simple way to re-direct their calls?

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  • You know I am exploring AWS right now and am very curious as how this would work with the NextGen gallery plugin and the WP E Commerce shopping cart plugin… They are asking quite a bit of information to join so I am holding off just yet till I can find more user feedback with the two (AWS and WP).

    What of hosting an entire installation? I heard about their elastic IP addresses as a possibility…?

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