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    That page tells you all the steps I’ve taken to try to fix.

    Everything was fine until early/mid Dec. All of a sudden I could not see in the Visual editor the results of the coding on the Text side. I HAD until then, and have created many pages with it all just great.

    Now nothing shows except a little box! In the Editor and also in SOME browsers.

    I use WP 4.9.9, and it broke just about the time WP downloaded to my backend the 5.0 and 5.1 and 5.2 in rapid succession (which shows the folly of upgrading ANY program or OS until users have found the bugs).

    WHY do the TA links show in SOME browsers and not in all? The SAME pages?? The SAME html???? The html TA coding should be universal. If browsers can see any images, they should see these too. Interesting that there is no problem with uploaded images, only the ones with the coding through TA.

    I use only the text and SiteStripe images coding. Tried one with the price, to experiment, and that doesn’t work either. I don’t use the ones with prices as that would get me banned.

    I have happily spent a couple hundred HOURS doing my site that now does not work!!!!

    Go to that page and you can see what I’m talking about. Try it with different browsers too. See what you get.

    Please HELP! I’m at the end of my rope.

    This is another page you can play with. Multiple TA links! [ redundant link removed ]

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Ray Abella


    Hi @22carol,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us!

    I’ve checked the links you’ve provided and I can see that the images are showing correctly on them. May I know which browser did you use when the images didn’t show up?

    It’s possible that you might be using an outdated browser, a browser setting that blocks it, an issue with your server or other variety of reasons why the images don’t load properly. Please try to clear your cache and test it again using another computer/phone browsers and use incognito/private browsing.

    I hope this helps and let me know how it goes!



    Thanks for your reply.

    I have tried all of the above. The point is, people who view my site will be using various browsers, various editions, and various systems. I can test in all of them but when some don’t show, that means some visitors won’t see them either. Plus most of them will not be using incognito.

    Cannot be that my systems or browsers are blocking images because I see images from other sites just fine. Everything is normal on all other sites.

    They need to show in all browsers and on all systems, not just some.

    I have tried every test found on all kinds of forums. If I can see them in some, it cannot be a server problem. I have no adblocker blocking, have cleared the cache, done everything until I am going batty. The same html code should show everywhere, why doesn’t it?

    I was creating pages and all was well until early/mid December when I could no longer see the images in Visual editor. Then to my horror found the pages I had already published were faulty also. Tested in various ways, found some work, some don’t. Thought it was TinyMCE but that wouldn’t be it if I could see images some places. I need the images to show for all browsers and on all systems. It’s crazy that it doesn’t.

    If you have access to various browsers and various systems, please try those. The one you tried it on may be one of those were they do show. But that doesn’t guarantee that all visitors will have the same OS and same browser as you have. I.e., on my Win 7 FF does not show but Chrome does.

    Ray Abella


    Hi @22carol,

    Thanks for getting back to me and for expressing the issue.

    Please be aware that Microsoft already stopped supporting older Internet Explorer (IE) browsers for future support and security updates.

    It seems that they are already phasing out the Internet Explorer browser and replacing it with Microsoft Edge. There are also security threats, display and performance issues with IE that’s why we are not supporting IE anymore. Please check this article for more info:

    I’m sorry for this inconvenience, but we recommend you and your customers to switch to modern browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge instead.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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