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  • This plugin has a ton of features and I believe it might be configured to do what you want.

    CG-Amazon, part of my CG-PowerPack, does a lot of the major Amazon linking features — and allows you to build your own internal database of products. It isn’t a ‘shop script’, at least, not yet…

    The next version will have a drop-in page template for a products ‘area’ on your blog, making it more shop-like. If there’s enough demand for a more commercialized product, I can certainly work on the remote-cart features Amazon exposes as well.

    So, the real question back would be: what do you mean by an “Amazon store”? Do you just want a shop script that sort of ‘hangs off of’ the blog, do you want something integrated with your blog where you can link to product pages (on your site) from within posts, do you just want to be able to post wishlists or other lists of products on a custom page, or sidebars?

    ‘store’ and ‘shop’ mean different things to different people… on the web, they can range from a virtual storefront (i.e., emulating your own version of Amazon itself), all the way to just having the ability to include product links…


    Basically, I want people to have browse through specific categories that Amazon has. (i.e. Christian Music & Christian Books.) I don’t want to have to build specific pages for every single book or CD I want to show.

    Here’s a good example of what I’m looking to do:

    right. that’s what I called above a ‘virtual storefont’, also known as a ‘shop script’. It is a site that is created to look like its own store, but is fronting amazon.

    CG-Amazon has some functionality, but isn’t a full shop script (again, yet). You may need a full-fledged shop script at that point.

    The difference comes down to the ‘browsing a node of amazon’ feature. My (CG-Amazon) browsing is currently based on items you pick and choose from amazon, and store in a local database — mainly because it is a focused set, and the list is all built up locally (and cached). The shop scripts will either live browse or pre-cache a given node, and don’t really store local properties (i.e., CG-Amazon lets you custom ‘tag’ items in your database, as well as adding annotation text to them).

    If you want to ‘slurp’ an Amazon node or two, and don’t want anything much beyond what amazon has, a shop script is likely what you want/need.


    I want to be able to something similar to CG-Amazon.
    But it would be great if I could associate posts and categories from my blog to the items in my Amazon DB.

    Do you know of anything which could achieve that?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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