• Hello,

    Is it possible to connect WordPress Multisite with Amazon S3 or similar storage service? Where if a user uploads any media file it’s stored through this service?

    I know there are a few plugins that connect to Amazon S3, but heard they do not work with Multi-site.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hmmm, I know CDNTools supposedly does this, but dono whether it works with Multisite… you might check with the author. * scratch that, just saw that S3 is “coming soon” – now it’s ust CloudFiles (Rackspace)

    We also run W3TotalCache and it MAY auto sync media, though I’m not sure if it does. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/w3-total-cache/

    we have all our static content running on Rackspace Cloudfiles and are very happy with it; it’s also less expensive than Amazon. but it’s not set up to auto-sync as we don’t have the need for user-shared images, etc, for us it’s just the site images that don’t really change much.

    Have an awesome day!

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