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  • I’ve noticed that I have to go round all the sites I use this plugin on and re-enter the Amazon S3 credentials in order to have my backups saved properly… how ridiculous!

    I saw this in one of my logs as a result:

    ERROR: No destination correctly defined for backup! Please correct job settings.

    Presumably, though, those credentials (which really need to not be just hanging around anywhere) are still in their old place in the database?

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  • The same thing happened to me. But I also see a new dropdown box with different S3 locations now. I assume this is an improvement for people that might have one of those different locations rather than the default US Standard location.
    If the plugin author could confirm on this please? And it “is” very frustrating to have to re-enter all the info on all the sites it’s in use on. Wouldn’t it be possible to prefill all that with the original default location (if it’s not already been upgraded to this version and changed) and keep the keys and bucket info we’ve put in prior?

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    normely the key will be taken from old version 2.x

    Just upgraded another 2.1.17 to the latest version and again all the s3 settings were gone.

    I assumed it would do that Daniel but they’ve disappeared on the 15-odd sites that I use the plugin on.

    Has there been a change in where they are stored perhaps?

    very similar problem on my two hosts.

    getting the error message “ERROR: No destination correctly defined for backup! Please correct job settings.”

    I realized that Dropbox authentication is deleted after the upgrade. So i basicly Authanticated it again. I clicked “Authenticate Full Dropbox” and then i clicked “allow” on dropbox page. Returned my website and saw the green message of plugin “Authenticated!”. But hey? It keeps getting removed immediately. Authentication is not saved! I click “To: Dropbox” tab after authentication and see the red “Not authenticated!” message again. I tried it more than a few times.. and it’s same on my two different hosts.

    Any clue on this? I’m holding off updating the plugin on a few sites because of this issue.


    I just updated from 3.0.4 to the latest 3.0.6 and the settings were still there and correct. I don’t have a site with prior to 3.0.4 now though to test jumping to 3.0.6.

    philipjohn, if you would try one of yours if they’re still below 3.0.4 and post back on if the settings saved, it could be helpful for this post.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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