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  • What other wordpress plugins are there for Amazon s3 that allows:

    — changing blog post links to CDN’s cname.
    — Set cache-control headers on uploaded files
    — allows for auto upload of images when attaching images as usual to new posts.



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  • anyone?

    Sorry, I don’t believe there is any plugin more complete.

    Any plans to offer the CDN plugin without caching?


    ok. Well I guess its just a matter of time till developer(s) fills the CDN only plugin niche. W3-total-cache is huge with all options to enable and is a shame I have to install it just to enable one check box (CDN). But thats life, at least it works. lol Will wait…


    I’m not understanding why you think your site only needs a CDN. CDN is a performance concern and it’s one of countless methods to optimize a site. There are already CDN only plugins and they are not feature complete even in that role.

    I don’t remember saying that our site only needs CDN. If I did I apologize for the misunderstanding. However, we use the wordpress plugin called “Quick Cache” for caching (its faster, I’ll leave you and others to debate that lol), we also use wincaches it has 4 other levels of caching and we had already done our own combining, minifying and serving of gzipped css/js files from Amazon cloudfont. (yes site will serve non-gziped files if user-agent cannot handle gzip found a simple way to have that done.)

    So for now other than W3’s VERY useful CDN the rest of the features are just bloat.

    thx though.

    Sounds like you’re very interested in performance. I’d encourage you to take a closer look at how the techniques/features/capabilities are integrated.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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