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  • I am trying to tie another Amazon Script in with my WordPress Install and I am looking for someone to install this script and tie it to my wordpress site. Please email me if you are interested in helping out for some
    spare change/serverspace/gmailaccounts/pizza/newwife/beer/etc.

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  • What kind of script?

    Where there’s already a few Amazon solutions (mine included!), what does ‘another’ script do that the existing solutions don’t cover? Just wondering — helps us all to improve! 😉

    Well its a standalone store i want to put into the backend of my website and have WordPress link to the store rather than to amazon. To encourage browsing. I love your script. It’s the one I am using. It’s just for my specific purpose I want to encourage people to browse the store and I am going to use a blog to do so. Let me know if you want to help. There is real money involved. LOL or someone can swap wives with me. hehe

    So Here is what I am trying to do. (Note this is all in beta)
    See my installed script at
    I want to use WP-Amazon script to tie my blog into my store.
    I think this would be a great plugin/or standalone download of WP for ecommerce folks. Now, the amazon script running the store is in the process of getting rebuilt. But will pretty much stay the same.
    I want to rebuild/hack WP-Amazon or right a new code from scratch. Was curious if any one is interested in this. Or wants to help.

    Ahhh. I’m the creator of the CG-Amazon script. I’m not sure I see what you are trying to do. You have a store script already, how do you want to tie in things?
    You’ll likely have to talk to the creator of WP-Amazon, as I don’t know how it works.
    CG-Amazon has sample scripts for browsing through products, but it isn’t the ‘grab and display everything amazon has’ type of script. You’d pick selected products and ‘cache’ them locally, enabling you to add annotations and further tie in with WP.
    But I’ve got little interest in trying to tie in with yet-another script at this point. If anything, I’m going to build out the CG-Amazon capabilities so you can just ‘turn on’ a store page at any point you want one… 😉

    Well I got the new Amazon Script. Hopefully I can make a few adjustments and get this thing working and then tie it in with WP-amazon or any other WP Script. Maybe I will have write my own. OY. I hate PHP. Well I love it. OY.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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