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  • Hi there,
    Just a new thread to point out to the hardcore gaming masses that the Amazon Media Manager hack for WordPress now supports Games as a media type.
    Visit the thread HERE to download it.
    If you use it on your blog, all I ask for is a link back.
    Further if you find any more bugs / have any requests, post here or contact me via my site.
    Kind regards,

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  • Denyerec, is there any way to talk you into making the Media Manager work with Amazon’s Housewares section?

    If he can’t, CG-Amazon should already be able to, and I’m still looking for some brave users to help me bang on it some more. 😉

    For some reason the items arent showing up. Ive already entered 2 items to the list, one music and one dvd, but it wont show up for some reason. I’m currently using 1.0.2 of wordpress. I’m not getting any errors, and i’ve gone through the ReadMe a couple times already, but i still cant find what I did wrong. Anyone have any ideas?

    The most likely cause is not implementing the get_media function correctly in the index.php template for your Blog.
    Check that carefully and if you’re still having problems, mail me via my website.
    Kind regards,

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_media() in /home/mi327/public_html/wp-content/themes/shortforstephenblog/library.php on line 20

    Does this mean that I have to add get_medi() in my admin-functions.php? and if so, how? can anyone help?

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