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  • Media Manager 1.1 is now available.
    AMM is a simple sidebar “hack” that lets you add books, music and DVD’s to your sidebar with a click of a button, simply by pasting in the ISBN or ASIN (Amazon ID Number).
    Several people are already using it:
    After several people pointed it out, I have updated the script to co-operate with various multi-national Amazon sites. I hope it works as fully on these new sites as it does on the and .com ones, my preliminary testing says yes, but you never can tell.
    Go here to get the new version!
    Also, please , if you use this script, link to in your sidebar, that’s the only “fee” I ask for making use of my hours of code!!

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  • Dont know if anyone has expressed their thanks yet. But thank you for a job very well done. I myself avoided this hack because of how cumbersome it would be! 🙂

    I love it, I love it, I love it!
    <i>Maraming salamat</i> (Thank you), denyerec!

    Uhmm, that was me *points above*. Was excited that I forgot to login. 😐

    Absolutely dead right Chuckg, the changes have been made and are now in the normal download file. Thanks for the heads up!
    Anyone who’s installed the hack should download the new version from the same URL and simply upload the new amazoninfo.php over their old one.
    Links to your blogs guys so I can see it in action! 🙂

    Without creating too much trouble, I am using it in my WuhWuh Version 0.1 (WW for short) You can view it at

    whu whu? whuzzah! methinks I must try diz whu whu stuff!
    only a photblog/gallery (ala denyerec) hack missing afacs?
    vewwy niceah!

    First of, thanks!! 🙂
    Now, a few suggestions, how about making the title and author editable when you click edit? Also, how about adding more cats, like Electronics, etc.. or allowing us to add our own cats?
    This is a great hack, saves me a lot of trouble! 😀

    The reason editing titles and authors is unavailable is one steeped in my own internally twisted logic. Technically, there should be no need for it, yet something says there is.
    As for categories, it started out as a “What I’m reading” hack and matured into what I’m reading, listening and watching hack. I never thought to have “What I’m selling” or “What I’m currently using”, though it’s perfectly possible.
    Possible problems stem from the regional nature of goods like that, though I’d have to look into how amazon organise it. Certainly something for 1.2.

    If my tired brain reminds me correctly, the nbsp LI item is used as a spacer (The value $tbet). If you don’t like the way information is presented, take a look at the AMAZONINFO.PHP file, right down at the end.
    With even a little PHP knowledge it is easy to modify the output part of the function, I believe I highlight the relevant part of the code with comments.
    Kind regards,

    This is a great hack, but I have an itsy bitsy question.
    How much does/would Amazon like this? At this point, I’m sure they don’t really care, and I’m also sure that they have so much bandwidth that a couple wordpress users don’t bother them at all.
    But morally/ethically/whatever, how good of an idea is it to be hotlinking images off of Amazon? I loathe it when people hotlink off of me (why I have it turned off), but I think a big part of that is I don’t have much bandwidth to begin with.
    So, I guess my question is, would Amazon get really pissy about this hack hotlinking their images?

    When you use “build a link” in the Amazon associates section of their site, the links they build for you link directly to Amazon for the images…so I’m thinking no, they won’t care, particularly if it’s an associate doing the linking.

    No, they don’y mind. Because your sending them business and advertising their products for them on your site.

    *bump for those who never get past page one 😉

    BTW I used it at and I blogged about the script along with a link back to your site a few days ago.
    When are you releasing 1.2? Could we pleeeease get more categories? 🙂 Also editting the items would help, cuz sometimes I do it in a hurry and left them the way they were parsed off the Amazon site, which is too much information sometimes for my very narrow column! ;p

    An email I received this morning urged me to point out that you don’t have to call Get_Media() just the once. In fact, I originally started with a function per media type, but combined it to allow for more flexibility.
    If you wish, you can of course call GetMedia once for books, again for DVD’s and again for Music, if you so desire.
    You could even call it once for recommended books, and once for a random non recommended book. The function is very flexible and isn’t limited to being called once.
    As for 1.2, I’m incredibly busy at the moment but the thought is there. I may well, as a short term hack, add an “others” category just to ease the people who want to add iPods to their lists 😉
    As for item editing, again, that will go in as/when I get the chance to update.
    Kind regards,

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