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  • Well, it’s done and it’s been tested by the lovely without too much hassle, so I figured it was time to unleash it and see what people thought.
    It’s a simple script for simple people, it supports Associate ID’s if you have them, if not then never fear, it’ll still work for you 🙂 I don’t do any Associate ID substitution, the only acknowledgement or “payment” I’d like is a link from your blog to mine in your link list.
    If you have any issues with it, feel free to mail me (Read the README.TXT for details) but if you do, make sure you’re as comprehensive as possible with error messages / problems you incur. You won’t be getting a christmas card if all you say is “I couldn’t install it”… 🙂
    The relevant post is permalinked on my blog, so you can
    I hope at least someone out there finds a use for it!

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  • Denyerec-
    Just put it up at (that’s my cvs install)
    Haven’t played with it yet, but one quick thing. After the installer makes the table, it says “Copy the included b2menutop.txt file to the /wp-admin/ folder.” You need to update this to reflect the name change (as is exists in readme.txt).
    Thanks so much for this, definitely looking forward to using it!

    Ahhh yes, right you are. Kitta said the same thing and I think what’s happened is I’ve saved the changes locally but not in my “release” folder. Cheers for the heads up, I’ll fix it immediately.

    Good call on the PHP tags. Another alteration to the README required 😉
    If you do not enter an associate ID, my ID is *NOT* inserted by default. I did this because I wasn’t sure how people would feel about semi-covertly shouldering my way into their Amazon clickthroughs. Thinking about it, I will add my associate ID to the readme and code comment, just in case people are overcome with charitable notions 😉
    (My associate ID is denyersphotog-21 by the way :))
    My menu.txt amendment was based on the default WP 1.0.1 menu textfile, which is why you’ve suffered a little overwriting. The menu.txt file is simple to modify however, and is well commented. I will make amendments to the readme to alert people of this.
    Cheers for the feedback,

    Good work deny, at the moment I was using the built-in links system in WP to organize this. I smell addition into existing WP links system!

    Lemme know when you’ve got it working Chuckg, and also if you’ve got any thoughts for alterations or improvements. I don’t think I’v emade full use of the <A> tag in the script, missing out the title attribute, so I might go back and fiddle if anyone thinks it’s worthwhile.

    I knew there had to be at least one more amazon site… 🙂
    I tried to find a way to contact you outside of the WP forum to continue discussion there instead of cluttering the thread, but no joy.
    Ok, I have had a very quick look at the site and the initial diagnosis is not good. The main problem is that many Japanese-only items don’t list on the or .com databases (I think the japanese venture is a separate beast). This wouldn’t be too much of a hassle if I actually spoke Japanese, but I do not.
    This sadly makes parsing the unicode in the links impossible for me, so I am unable to make the system extract the item data.
    However, there is light at the end of said tunnel…
    What I *can* do for you is modify the system to use the extension, and to generate associate links and, even, extract the items image. You will then have to manually enter the item title, author and type. (As extracting them from the hopeless mess that is the website is mission:Impossible for an english speaker such as myself.)
    If this would help, let me know and I’ll adjust the code for you.
    Kind regards,

    (I did discover “” in english, but its format is still rather alien and full of UniCode. Gah! I’m working on something, updates will be reflected on my blog post) has also been brought to my attention… 🙂
    Keep your eyes open, there will be a 1.1 release shortly to accomodate (hopefully) everyone.

    Ok great damn script. Might I suggest one thing however? Currently you have it displaying the most recently added/updated when you request, say 2 entries. Might I suggest just adding a simply “hide/display” option in the database. I’m not sure if this goes against the system the way you have it currently built, which I think it does. Therein lies a problem with the method I’m asking for, as your function call for books might be:
    …and if the latest two books were hidden, it might confuse users. At the moment though, I’m loving this script.

    You can specify to display recommended books, or books without recommendations, or both, perhaps you could use that to customise the output ?
    Also, to “move books up the list” you can EDIT them, and select the “Update Timestamp” option, which will promote them to the top…
    If you have any other thoughts, feel free to mail me.

    Alright, I’ve had a quick look at Amazon again.
    There are:
    The spanish contingent just get a translated version of the .com site.
    The Japanese site is a bit of a dead loss, as neither me nor my version of textpad supports unicode.
    German, French and Spanish I can handle identically to the english version, the japanese system will have to be slightly more manual.
    I’ll get to work “as soon as” making the system fully comprehensive, at least within the bounds of reason anyhow.

    Go here:
    There’s a new one 🙂

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