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    You probably need to change the UserAgent setting to emulate a normal client when the links are checked – amazon has started returning 403 Forbidden when link checker is run – but loading the same links in the normal client works just fine.


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  • photocoen


    I am seeing the same thing..



    Same thing here.



    I hope this gets fixed soon.



    Same here. I see the plugin hasn’t been updated in 8 months… here’s to hoping the author sees we’re using it and gets us an update!


    Still having the same issues…. loads of Amazon 403 errors…

    Hello, anyone home here. I am also having this problem with Amazon links, and no way to fix it. So my users are now seeing links with lines through them for links that are NOT bad. Can we get an ETA when this might be fixed?

    Anyone here have an alternate link checker they like better? Maybe time to abandon this like they have abandoned us?

    Hope we can get some attention soon.

    Go to Settings > Link Checker > Apply custom formatting to broken links and uncheck the box. Then they won’t appear broken to site visitors.

    I’m manually checking reported links until this gets fixed, because it’s still better than nothing.

    That is a great solution if I didn’t want other links that were broken to show up. I use that feature all the time. But thanks for the suggestion.

    I have added a rule to ignore links with Amazon and its shortened version, so that will help here, except when those links go bad.

    Oh well, too bad it has lost support. Wish there was a way to change the user agent on the plugin checking.

    Is there no support for this plugin any longer? WOuld be a shame as this is really useful.

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    It would be great if any support member could comment this issue…

    Having the same issue mainly on affiliate links from an Amazon search. Three days ago I went to 51 of them, did a new search and got a new code and it fixed them. Today 16 showed up and did the same but still showing a 403 error. The link, however, works and goes to the right page. Not sure what that means.

    This is the main link checking plugin promoted everywhere. I’m surprised it’s been bailed on from what I can tell. Hate when that happens. Ü


    Same issue here…



    Likewise :/

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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