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  • Hi,

    The embed feature Amazon Associates products and other HTML embeds no longer work. In previous versions of WordPress you could simply copy and paste HTML and it would grab the image automatically. Now it simply does not work.

    I tried it on multiple themes, other installed of WordPress on other websites even the new 2020 theme on brand new website.

    It does not work. You copy and paste and the block is blank

    How do you force WordPress to do what it was doing before? I just want to copy and paste in HTML and have it grab the image from Amazon Associates like it was doing before.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I just use the Classic Editor for tasks like that.

    I also use the Tiny MCE Advanced plugin with my Classic Editor which also helps the Tiny MCE editor in the Block Editor.

    You’ll need to remember to add code snippets like those provided from other services into the text window instead of the visual window.

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    The classic editor does not solve this issue nor does the tinymce help. I’m embedding HTML from Amazon. Amazon gives HTML for products for their affiliates.

    In 5.2.3 and earlier you just copied and pasted this HTML in a block and it grabbed the image from Amazon automatically and linked to it automatically.

    Sort of like how when you copy and paste in a YouTube URL in, it automatically embeds a video.

    Now when you copy and paste that HTML in 5.3, the block remains blank. Literally blank. This is a bug in 5.3 that’s why i’m bringing it up.

    Anyways, thanks for your response.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by David.

    Well, that’s the way I do these kinds of things. I’m very sorry that didn’t work for you. I really expected it to work for you!

    What exactly happened when you did try that anyway? Were you pasting the code snippet to the visual or text window?

    And I’m running 5.3 on all my sites here and that works fine on the ones I needed to do that on.

    I even did one after I posted my earlier answer to you… Of course, it wasn’t Amazon code… maybe Amazon has HTML code that doesn’t work with WordPress 5.3… Stranger things have happened.

    I’ve had the same issue. I used to copy the Amazon code and paste into a regular paragraph block, then the image and link worked. Since updating, I tried to paste into a paragraph block as well and nothing happens. I was able to find another block called “shortcode” which results on my blog post accurately. I would appreciate the “old” was better as I could see how it appears in the draft I’m writing.

    I hope it’s just a bug riverkeeper, I really liked the way it worked previously too. As when I make buying guides I can paste an Amazon complaint image in with ease. I’ll take at a look at shortcode. Thanks for that suggestion.



    I’m having this issue too. The “paste” function appears to not be working when using the HTML.

    I found that the shortcode block DOES work, however, I’m not able to center the image on the page, and that looks terrible — straight out of the 90s.

    This is pretty annoying.

    You need to select custom html now to be able to paste it into wordpress.

    After you’ve pasted it in, go to options and convert it to a block so that you can realign it as well.

    It would have been useful if wordpress had fixed this issue though.

    same issue not able to embed amazon affiliate to my website

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