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  • Hi there, I applied for an amazon affiliates account and got one with a username and everything. They emailed me and said that the application has been received.

    They haven’t emailed me since. Does this mean that I didn’t get approved? I need the product advertising API but the only way to get that is through an email amazon sends you back.

    I’m pretty stuck. Does anyone have this same problem? Or does someone want to help me out? Thank you!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I am not completely sure, but I think that now you have to get some sales before they approve you… so you have to use direct links. Then when you are approved you will be able to use the plugin.

    Joan Connelly


    If you are a small business, you might want to re-think the API, unless you know you will be able to meet Amazon’s requirements. Looking at your site, I’m not sure how you got the amazon images at the bottom, but when I started I saved their images and sized for my site. I had a lot of them before reading about the API. So I signed up for it and was ‘granted’ permission – for about 7 countries. So I went about changing out all my small, not-so-professional looking images for their nice looking API’s, with pricing! It was great. Then I received a notice that Canada didn’t have enough sales so my API was going to be discontinued. I applied again and was granted a new API! Ugggh.. I had to change all my Canadian API’s (a few hundred). This really kept me from working on content. So that was done and I received no word, but suddenly, I was unable to select the UK and CA from the API. And I applied for Australia so I added flags so people from Australia could buy too. I thought this was a great convenience but apparently I am in the minority. So yesterday I worked on an old article for SEO purposes and found a fitness product I hadn’t converted to the API so I tried to select it and found that the US and DE displayed an exceed limit message. Exceeded my limit, I hadn’t selected anything yet for that day.
    Anyway, I went to a page where I had a LOT of images (3 recommended fitness books monthly every month) and the page was blank – BLANK!! They no longer allow me to use the API for those countries. I may or may not have the 3 left that I can select, but since I don’t live in those countries, I’m not sure.
    So, before you begin working with Amazon, you might want to be sure you can sell, otherwise, they basically kick you out and/or make it so difficult for you that you WANT to quit.
    I emailed them yesterday for suggestions on how someone who is struggling with sales can work with them, but I’m not giving it hope that I’ll get an answer.
    Here is one page where I put some old links back, just so the page wasn’t empty:

    and here is one page that is totally blank because I built it with API’s only:

    BTW – if you use too many links on a page with the API’s, you’ll sporadically get missing images. So you’ll have to limit how many you put on a page, but I’m not sure what that limit is.

    I hope this helped a bit. Wishing you the best of luck!!!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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