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  • I wanna tell my friends what music/books I was listening to/reading when I blog. And wish to link the album and book to Amazon (or elsewhere?). I don’t wanna struggle with HTML codes for every post… wonder if there’s any faster way to do it? Anyone knows a good plugin for it?

    Many many thanks!

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    I use CG-Amazon for a lot of things. It can display lists of various items easily. Along with CG-WhatTunes, and a program to send what you’re listening to to it (like iTunesBlogger, for example), it can also display what you’re currently listening to, along with album artwork and a link to Amazon.

    CG-Amazon gives you the ability to track your own ‘database’ of products, and tag them with custom keywords. Then a single function call will grab all, some, random, one, etc. from a given tag and output it for you. That’s great for ‘now reading’ listings in the sidebar.

    In addition, with CG-Inline, you can put links to amazon products into your posts/pages with a simple tag plus the product ASIN. CG-Inline+CG-Amazon will do the work to lookup the product (and cache information local), and create the output HTML. The inlined products don’t have to even be ‘in your database’ to display — but if they are, the system can also show any custom ‘notes’ you’ve attached to a given product.

    Pretty cool. It’s a big system, I’ve tried to simplify ways to use it as much as possible, while keeping it dynamic (that is, it uses the ASINs and live looks up stuff from Amazon when needed — as compared to products where you embed the ‘final’ HTML directly into your posts or sidebar, fixed for all time).

    It’s part of my overall CG-PowerPack of WP plugins.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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