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  • Hi there,
    There’s a post somewhere else from my about this…
    Basically, an extra option on the WP toolbar called Media.
    Hit that, enter an ISBN or ASIN, click.
    Item appears in a local DB table, a few WP template functions let you display n number of the most recent books, CD’s and DVD’s added (1 function for each media type) or have it pull one out from the DB at random.
    Add, edit and delete items from the WP control panel.
    It’s done, finished and being sent to a couple of people for final testing, then I’ll up it to my website for y’all to have a look at.
    Back soon,

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  • That, too, sounds promising. I guess I’ll have to try both yours and David’s when they’re ready 😉
    Question: how does one enter the associate id? Would it be a global setting, or would it be entered each time along with the ASIN/ISBN?

    No associate ID required…
    I had no idea Amazon had an associate’s system, so didn’t code to account for it.
    It wouldn’t be difficult to insert the associate ID into the code though, but I would be unable to test for it.
    Do you get a comission from click-throughs if the associate ID is used?

    You get commisions on purchases made, although not on all types of items. There are higher amounts if it’s a “suggested” item…meaning, if you link directly to a particular book with your assiciate ID embeded in the tag, you’ll earn a higher percentage than if a user gets to amazon through one of your links…browses around, and buys something else.
    More info here:

    Sounds nifty!
    Great website BTW, nice pictures too!

    Well, I guess my hack will be for the people who aren’t amazon associates, or are too lazy to join the scheme anyway 😉
    I can’t see it being too troublesome altering the URL’s the hack generates, in fact I could even go so far as to store the associate ID in the database somewhere and generate associate-based URL’s if it’s present, and non-associate URLs if it’s not…
    I have someone “beta testing” my script for me as I type, as soon as I get a green light I’ll bundle it up and pop a link on here for people to brave.
    Oh and thanks for the ego fluffling Jeremiah, it’s always nice to know people appreciate the photographs!

    That sounds awesome. By the way, that gallery.php – is that all your own?

    Gallery.php is my own creation yes, I started that as my first ever PHP experiment before Christmas. Then I wrote my own news script, but decided I wanted more sophistication so I checked out WP and manhandled the template to conform to the look and feel of the gallery. They both run from the same CSS sheet now, which is coded in PHP allowing me to do some pretty nifty things. (Such as apply a PHP based greyscale filter to make the site monochrome in an instant. You might ask why, this would explain part of the motivation for that 🙂
    Right now the backend is a little messy, the code clearly becomes more sophisticated as you read through, as I started out following basic W3 tutorials and slowly got the hang of it. It’s due for an overhaul as soon as possible, I want to get it watertight and class-based ready for release to the world, and possbly for PHP5.

    I figured I’d jump back into the conversation here, since this is the ‘hacks’ section, while the other thread was in ‘requests and feedback’. 😉
    I’m still not ready to package it up for public consumption, but if you check out my site later today, you’ll see a lot of the revisions. Though, some are under the covers.
    – I now can show ‘optional extra data’, configurable outside of the module. Basically, a list of product data fields and titles to show for each.
    – I now track history of products being shown on the page, and won’t double-show a product. This could be made optional, but went with the next feature…
    – I now track when I have ‘inlined’ amazon links within the body of a post, and when on a list/search/cat page, I now ‘pre-cache’ the products that would be show, and show them in the sidebar. (It’s the “Gear on This Page” block on the left…)
    – When you go into a post with an amazon link showing, because of history tracking, it’ll no longer show up in a sidebar that has it as part of the group.
    – Also when you go into a post with shown amazon product, I show extended data there (and not on sidebar), showing same underlying code setup, different display. I have the rank listed, and also the MSRP, when they’re in the product data.
    – Also in post, you’ll see the first sidebar shows “similar product” search results. I’ve added Similar, UPC, and Search queries, though I’ve only used/tested Asin and Similar queries so far (UPC and Search aren’t of much use to me right now).
    – It would be easy to add hard-coded lookups, like the ‘best sellers’ stuff — I think that’s an accessible list to as for, for a given Category of product.
    That’s not all the changes, but a lot of it. I think I’m starting to head back toward a stable state, and will look to cleaning up the code so that you can call functions rather than setting global variables, to make things happen.
    I’ve also thought about ‘random’ listings — that is, query results return a dozen, show a random selection of 5 every time it outputs…
    Lastly, been considering adding an admin page for what products are in what cache-file, managing this stuff… but when you start accessing all the more powerful features (Similar, Search, automatic tracking, etc.), it’s just easier to put an array in PHP directly.
    One last Q: I know there are a lot of ‘amazon SDKs’ out there. This originated from an Amazon sample, as they all do (hah!), but has months of work put into building up a ‘package’ that does more for you up front. I’ve seen some developers with SDKs do something like “I substitute in my Associates ID randomly 10% of the time a link is generated, to help offset the cost of development, and keep the package itself free.” Would people be ‘open’ to that (I don’t HAVE to do that, but it’d be nice if this thing becomes more widespread to actually cover a little of the upkeep costs… 😉 ).
    Interested in seeing denyerec’s system when it’s together. I assume that’s a more ‘static’ system — ie., build up the product database and links ahead of time? Sounds like a cool approach for people who just want an immense product database to select from for display (i.e., random book-link on ever page generation).

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