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  • Hello,
    I can’t get my affiliate links to work on my site. I use the html provided by Amazon and paste it in the text window of a post, not the image window. The texts links work but the image and text and just the image alone links do not work, all I get is an image placeholder. I am not running adblocker and am using firefox.
    This is driving me nuts!! thanks

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  • You have not mentioned your site in this post.
    1. you need to post the HTML there, not the link.. HTML will be there from where you get the link..copy that html and put it in the post.. after that switch to visua mode of the text editor.
    2.You can add the image through the URL(amazon image URL) and link it to affiliate URl

    Thats how i can help you


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    My amazon affiliate links will not work on my blog. I hilight the text I want to hyperlink and paste in the copied link I get from amazon. I always get a page not found when clicking on it. I have a personal plan and have tried through my dashboard and the word press app.

    me too. Early advice would be greatly appreciated.



    I have a sudden problem. I created pages with Amazon affiliate links grabbed from the Site Stripe. Both the image of the book cover and then the text link. Now all of a sudden, the images are not showing up! Using Ninja Tables I put the image html in once cell and the text link to the right of it in the adjacent cell. It looked beautiful. Now all of a sudden the text is there but the cell for the image shows merely a little box. Which, if clicked does go to the product page. How do I get the images to show again? They did but suddenly stopped.

    If permitted, this is an example:

    I have built other pages showing covers only which means now they are blank totally! Except for the little squares.

    One more thing. Apparently it has nothing to do with Ninja Tables because I tried pasting the Site Stripe html into a page (text side) without Ninja and the image didn’t show there either.



    PS: I have done nothing except create content and update some plugins. Have not gone to WP5 at all. Everything is the same as it was when the images were showing.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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