• Was up and running on a small task to convert a Gravity Form into a letter of support for an Arizona non-profit in a matter of minutes. The Gravity PDF plugin was easy to setup and configure. Gravity PDF support was able to assist with hiding the signature URL printed on the PDF in less than 24 hours.

    The solution for those scratching their heads on how to hide the Gravity Form signature add-on URL was to exclude the default signature field from the PDF so the label wasn’t displayed using the CSS class “exclude” (along with all the other fields), move the letter content from the PDF Header setting to an HTML field in the form, and finally wrapping the GF Signature merge tag in an IMG tag. Which looks something like this:

    <img src="{Signed:10}&t=1" height="10mm" />
    <p>{Name (First):1.3} {Name (Last):1.6}<br>
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