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  • I am testing BuddyBoss Social Marketplace theme with 75 active plugins. In production, I will probably have around 30 to 40 active plugins and need each page to load preferably in less than a second. So far I’ve gotten it down to about 3 seconds at best. It was averaging around 15 seconds before Autoptimize and WP Super Cache was implemented. I almost gave up.

    Autoptimize helped with getting better scores with GTmetrix and Google Pagerank Checker; consequently page load time has decreased significantly. Speedy page load translates into happy users. I highly recommend Autoptimize if user experience is one of your priorities.

    As amazing as Autoptimize is, Frank, the author is even more amazing. His customer service is second to none. Having tried so many plugins (paid and free), I’ve made contacts with a lot of the plugins’ support staff and programmers. Frank is at the top when it comes to customer service.

    His plugin is free. Yet he dedicates so much time to answer questions for users at all different skill levels. Some of the questions, like some of mine, are total newbie ones. He takes his time and responds with respect, kindness and care. I’ve read so many postings in his support forum and the FAQs. Sometimes when it’s 5 AM in the morning and I have not slept for over 24 hours, my mind gets a little mushy. I asked him a question that was already answered in the FAQ and I read it days ago. Instead of being abrupt and direct me to the FAQ. Frank answered my question and gently mentioned that it’s in the FAQ. I felt encouraged to keep on learning.

    When working with a lot of plugins, it’s easy to run into conflicts or compatibility issues. I have contacted the authors of these plugins and about 50% of them wouldn’t take the time to see if the issue is in theirs and work on improving their products – especially when they are paid plugins. The usual response is to blame the other plugins. This is where Frank differentiates himself, again. He takes ownership of his product. There is a sense of humble pride. I had two issues happening with two different products that conflicted with Autoptimize. He visited my web site, found out what was causing the issue, and recommended solutions for me to try to get it to work with Autoptimize. It’s no surprise Autoptimize works well with so many plugins – cause Frank cares!

    When I asked him how he solved a particular issue (to help me and others learn), he writes up a nice concise response on how and why he did things. Let me remind you, Autoptimize is a free product! Who goes out of their way to please like that? Frank does.

    Thank you Frank for your exceptional work with Autoptimize and your out-of-this-world customer service.

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