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    We have used WP darkmode Ultimate now for over 2 years. It took quite a bit of refining in the initial install of the plugins as our theme is very lightweight to support our integrations and interactivity with the end user in mind. We have tried each version since the 5.x.x release of the basic plugin and version 3.0.x of the ultimate plugin.

    When updating to version 5.x.x of any minor release since, we loose all the custom CSS that our team spent months refining as our site is heavy with integrations. We finally got it about 95% there after approx 6 months and our users LOVED IT.

    Now the bad, when the new major release was done in FEB, we tried to update to it and it was a HUGE mistake as it broke almost every aspect of our sites CSS. We spent about 5 days trying to see if we could replicate the old site look and it was impossible, forcing us to revert back to the 4.x.x release of the standard plugin.

    We have noted 4 minor releases since and not a single one addresses the issues we are seeing. I have tried to remove all custom CSS with an even worse result. Our community requires the dark mode as it is a research platform and you can spend hours on it and the compliments about the dark mode reduces their eye strain over time which makes this a priority to us.

    Our team has even ventured at developing our own theme to eliminate the need for darkmode plugins all together but as anyone knows, this is no easy task and we hate to see tens of thousands of dollars go down the drain for the site developments we have already invested.

    My suggestion, if you are experiencing this issue yet it is a requirement, roll back to the version 4.x.x release if you previously used the plugin. We truly hope to see these issues resolved before we make another major investment into the framework of our WP site.

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  • Plugin Support Md. Ibrahim Khalil


    We are truly sorry for the inconvenience you experienced with our plugin.

    We want to assure you that your custom CSS is safely stored, and we are working on recovering it for you. As a premium user, you can reach out to us through our Official Support Channel. We will do our best to assist you.

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