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  • I tried and tried to get this plugin to work for me with no success. I believe I had it set up and registered properly, but saw no change in the number of spam comments I received.

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  • Plugin Author Todd Lahman


    The plugin blocks spam without the free license key. A license key is NOT REQUIRED for the plugin to work. The license key simply unlocks the advanced plugin features, and provides a username and password to login to the official forum for support.

    If you don’t want the advanced plugin features, and you don’t want support, don’t get the license key, but the plugin will still block spam just the same.

    It surprises me that you feel it’s ok to use the plugin but not give anything in return. I am a developer and, like Todd, also want to know who uses my products so that I have an opportunity to cross-sell. There is nothing in the registration form that is not already in the public domain.

    People that talk about privacy should learn more before they talk.
    I can use the image and your username here in WordPress to track you to your home address.
    When you signed up for the selective service at age 18, you signed away your privacy rights.

    Then you have a drivers license, a bank account and I bet you went to a public school.
    your email address
    your name
    your address
    your phone number
    All in the public domain.
    “That means that this information is NOT private.”

    “@jjw801” try reading the instructions and terms before making inaccurate comments.

    The grocery store wants my zip code and or phone number every time I buy something. Most gas stations want a zip code.
    Get used to it.

    The only privacy you have is in your house. With the cameras the police have, You are not safe even in your own bathroom. They can and do legally look into your house anytime they want.

    Be sure to share this with your colleagues. They obviously need to be educated to read the terms and instructions also.

    Todd, thanks for the plugin. it was very easy to get the installation complete, even with requesting a key. Which is NOT required, as you stated above.


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    conway, arkansas 72032

    Todd: Thanks for being so understanding of my feelings/opinion and presenting options and more information for me to consider. I realized I was not signed up for post updates, so I apologize for the delay in adding to the thread. As stated above, I LOVE the plugin and find it to be the most effective, hands down. I am by no means a conspiracy theorist or privacy fanatic (who can be these days as Ala so abrasively explained), but I do appreciate understanding the why’s when I can. Since every plugin I’ve purchased to date has gone through the PayPal filter, it was strange for me to provide an address when there’s no physical product being mailed, and no payment to be verified. It just seemed like an arbitrary step that added my personal information to a database that didn’t need it. I would love for you to have my name and email so that I can stay abreast of updates and other products you create (since you are clearly on top of your game when it comes to making plugins that go above and beyond), but the whole mock purchase process just struck me as being a little out of the norm for an online reg for a free product. My sincere hope is that me stating my opinion didn’t cause you offense. It was just my opinion – not a judgment call on you. I tried to make it clear how big of a fan I am of your plugin, and how grateful I am for it – I also tried to come across with a relaxed tone of general concern and query – not inflammatory. If I offended you in any way, I sincerely apologize… it was not my intention.

    now4dw: Thanks for your posts on this matter. It’s interesting that considering your flippant relationship with personal data, you don’t use your first name on posts or state your location or any other basic ‘public domain’ info on your WP profile. Seems that for someone who cares so little, you could take the time.

    Alan: The ‘intensity’ of your post was really fun for me to read man. Keep doing that, people love it. Last time I checked, my opinions aren’t inaccurate – they are my own and are valid as long as I possess them. The only facts I stated are those that actually happen during the registration process. I never state facts about what dev does with my info – I only state that I personally found it off-putting. I think if you took more time to read the post thoroughly instead of jumping at your chance to talk, you would have seen it for what it is – me using a public feedback and review forum to share my personal feedback and review… there were no statements made about negative efficacy of the plugin, the trustworthiness of the dev, or any otherwise presented factual information that wasn’t actually fact. Seems like you confuse opinion with fact… Fox news! You’d have to point out specifically what was an ‘inaccurate comment’. Allow me to help…

    I love this plugin and have been a long time user. ACCURATE FACT

    Recently the dev changed the usage and now requires a registration key (completely free) in order for the plugin to work. ACCURATE FACT

    I realized this when I was suddenly getting inundated with spam because the plugin had been disabled… goes to show how well it works when it’s on! ACCURATE FACT

    My issue with the plugin is that you now have to ‘fake buy’ the plugin to get the free code. This includes giving dev your name, mailing address, email, and phone number. ACCURATE FACT

    In a world where privacy is becoming more and more important, I’m probably going to choose a plugin that doesn’t require so much invasive and unnecessary personal information. MY PERSONAL FEELING/OPINION – ACCURATE FACT

    Again, the plugin itself is very, very effective. It’s the registration and signup that myself and many of my colleagues find problematic. MY PERSONAL FEELING OPINION/ACCURATE FACT

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