• This plugin is amazing and helped me delete thousands of images but I have too many (100k+, Yes I’m very productive) and it always end u failing after processing 80k-90k images. Is there a way for the plugin to start with the very first images uploaded and finish with the most recent ones ? That would be amazing !

    Thank you for the plugin and looking forward to your answer,


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    One of the things I’m looking to implement for FRT is the ability to resume after a failure. What is probably happening is that the “security nonce” expires before all your images can be processed. I have a fix for that I’d like to port over from our EWWW IO plugin also, but that could be a while before I get to that point in the todo list (for both “fixes”).

    In the meantime, you can certainly reverse the sort order if you don’t mind editing the plugin code a tiny bit. All that is needed is to change the sort order from DESC to ASC here: https://github.com/nosilver4u/force-regenerate-thumbnails/blob/002fb763d23e1c65aa9174ca1af3cfecdcc0231b/class-forceregeneratethumbnails.php#L146

    There’s another one a couple lines down from that, so be sure to update both of them in case your server is using GD rather than Imagick.

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    I have done the changes and it starts with the first images, that’s great !! It is true that security nonce expires before I can process the other images and when I try to process the ones that failed I have to reload the page and start over.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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