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    I am extremely glad that I’ve came across this multi-vendor plugin when I’m doing my shopping. Not only that it has an amazing series of features within the plugin, the pricing of the plugin itself is very attractive with the amounts of features they are offering (Some of the features are built on-top of a purchased plugin hence there will be an additional cost required to purchase them if you need to use them, but nevertheless the features that MarketKing provided by the plugin itself is unbeatable in the market).

    As for the after-sales support of MarketKing, I would say that the support that I received are so good that it exceeds my expectation completely. Stefan and the team has been absolutely fantastic in providing support to help me in customising some of the features and outlook I required for my website. If you are a non-coder like myself, you will definitely love this plugin and the support that Stefan has provided. He has been providing codes to me for some customisation that I’ve request and that won’t be achievable by myself without Stefan’s help.

    I believe this MarketKing plugin is the best multi-vendor plugin you can ask for in the market with its price, features and customer support. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve came across this plugin while you’re still shopping for a plugin currently (at least that’s what I thought). Finally, I wish MarketKing can keep growing and live up to its full potential. At the same time, wish that my business site will do well and I’ll be able to keep supporting MarketKing in the long run.

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