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    Amazing plugin. Works as expected and fairly intuitive to configure. The only thing you would need to do that is not intuitive is to create a “series” for the podcast, otherwise won’t work well. “Series” could be Season 1, or whatever

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    Hi @mbeneteau2,

    Thank you for the feedback and 5-star review!

    What do you mean by Series? Did you want to organize your podcast by Seasons on your site, using the same feed, or you wanted separate feeds for each Season?

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    Hard to say exactly, just that it did not work well with Apple until I put a podcast slug of “series” in the “General” tab. I am sure this is “operator” error as I ended up creating two podcasts by accident and now i don’t want to change anything for fear of breaking it again. It might be good if you provided precise instructions to make it work with Apple.

    thanks for your good work

    Plugin Support keleigh824


    Hi @mbeneteau2,

    In order to use Seasons for Apple Podcasts, you’ll need to enable the iTunes fields within SSP. You can go to Podcasting –> Settings –> General and click the checkbox to enable the iTunes fields and then click Save Settings.

    Then you’ll want to go into each episode and give it an episode and season number. This will put this information within the RSS feed and Apple Podcasts will begin to display your episodes based on season and episode number.

    You can find our help doc on this at https://support.castos.com/article/222-create-podcast-seasons-in-seriously-simple-podcasting

    The podcast slug within the general tab just updates your direct show archive URL in SSP for the podcast, this is where you’d find the podcasts episode archive via the frontend. So if it is series.. it would be yoursite.com/series/my-podcast-title… If you changed this to something like shows, then the URL to the specific podcast would be yoursite.com/shows/my-podcast-title (save permalinks after updating this).

    I hope this helps clarify!

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