• Being new to WordPress and plug-ins I was not sure what to expect. But I loaded the WP_Members plug-in to give it a try. Basically out of the box it worked but I needed some additional help. I found the wp_mem_notify_addr filter that sounded like the thing I needed. But being new to WordPress and PHP I had no idea how to use a php snippet. I contacted Rocketgeek.com around midnight and the next morning (9am) I had an answer plus links to help even further. Then today I ran into a seven line error message that was all Greek to me. Again I sent Chad an email and within minutes he told me, in language I could understand, what I needed to do to fix the problem. And it worked perfectly.
    There are not enough superlatives available to express how great the plug-in, the customer service, and developer, Chad Butler, is. Use it and join RocketGeek Interactive and be a subscribing support member. We need to support this kind of quality.

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