• I once saw a video from a YouTuber called Web Squadron. He adviced to use Phastpress and WP Meteor to use to optimize WordPress. I’ve been using WP Rocket for a while now. It did improve the speed of our site but all those options were just too hard to perfectly set up. 

    Phastpress is just a really simple and a great plug-in. It improves the Pagespeed score a good bit and in combination with WP Meteor, it’s even better! I myself use EWWW Image optimizer to optimize and lazyload all my images. I can easily disable the lazy load option in Phastpress and it seems to be perfectly compatible with all sort of plugins. It works great with Elementor (and WooCommerce, ARMember, ACF, etc) and I haven’t seen any quirks yet. 

    Thank you for creating this great FREE plug-in!

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