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  • The plugin works! Just look at the FAQ, everything is written there in clear language!
    The usernames may match (my case), so insert in functions.php code below to see user IDs:

    function true_user_id_column( $columns ) {
    	$columns['user_id'] = 'ID';
    	return $columns;
    add_filter('manage_users_columns', 'true_user_id_column');
    function true_user_id_column_content($value, $column_name, $user_id) {
    	if ( 'user_id' == $column_name )
    		return $user_id;
    	return $value;
    add_action('manage_users_custom_column',  'true_user_id_column_content', 10, 3);
    function true_user_id_column_style(){
    	echo '<style>.column-user_id{width: 5%}</style>';
    add_action('admin_head-users.php',  'true_user_id_column_style');

    Then just select the ID of the desired user or users, use the plugin shortcode and that’s it!
    P.S. The code for displaying user IDs in the WP user menu is not mine. Unfortunately I can’t attach a link to the source. I will only say that this is the website.

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