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  • How in the world could I possibly be the first person to review this amazing plugin? As a real estate broker who wants to be able to reach out to as many potential clients to offer my services for consideration – and as a geek – I am always looking for new and better ways to reach out to folks. This plugin does exactly what it claims and allows visitors to my site to quickly and easily get a down and dirty estimate of value. Is it right on the money? Not likely, but then, neither is Zillows Zestimate or other tools. However, it at least starts the conversation and puts the info right out there for the visitors to my site. Integration is ridiculously easy. I did have an issue with my site. Apparently the theme I use was reacting to the presence of the plugin by making the body of my content transparent – which is not good – but also not an issue with the plugin itself. Despite this fact, the support folks for this plug in bent over backwards to get things going. I don’t want to over promise on their behalf, but even if they end up only giving you 50% of the amazing support they gave me, you are going to still end up with about 99% more than you have gotten with ANY other plugin.

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