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  • Adventure Nick


    I’m always hesitant to download newer plugins since the bugs are often not totally worked out, but after struggling to find a solution to the insane amount of spam the site I run was getting, I came across this plugin.

    I’ve tried lots of anti spam plugins, and most recently had been using AntiSpam Bee for several months. It worked pretty well in the beginning, but it also had a bad habit of tossing lots of good comments in the spam pile and after a while it was also missing hundreds of obviously spammy comments.

    Lots of searching brought me to this plugin and even though there wasn’t a long description like most plugins, I gave it a try. More than a month later there is still NO spam. For years, even the best plugins resulted in some spam getting through, but this free plugin does what the others fail to do…it totally stops it.

    I set it to email me for the first several weeks every time a spam comment was blocked, just to make sure it wasn’t also blocking good comments. Not a single good comment was blocked, but hundreds of spammers were. My fingers are crossed that the bad guys don’t figure out a way to defeat this if it becomes popular enough to be a real threat to them. For now though, remains spam free!


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  • Plugin Author webvitalii


    Thank you very much for this awesome feedback.

    Good guys hate spam and captchas too. And good guy have good ideas to beat evil ideas of bad guys 😉

    Anti-spam plugin is pretty little, but he makes all the dirty job with spam pretty good and invisible for users and admin.

    If you will have some trouble or questions with it, than write me back.

    p.s. Don’t be afraid of short descriptions. I tried to make the description as short as possible to save user’s time 🙂

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