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    The Contact Bank Plug-In
    The plug in, is amazing! I use it on three sites, and have a few more in the future that will be using it too. I downloaded the Contact 7 before and it was all coding, they layout wasn’t my cup of tea, and I just couldn’t stand it for the 5 minutes it was installed. Contact Bank is user-friendly, the layout was organized and I loved the easy accessibility for me to change the form, change the email the client receives, and the email I get to however I wanted them laid out. So-that alone was amazing!

    The Contact Bank Customer Service
    I did not realize that my key was linked to the domain – I assume it was linked to the WordPress I created. So, when I changed domains on my websites and the contact bank quit working I panicked. They got back to me within 24 hours and helped me to fix the problem. I now realize that it is linked to my domain and will be sure to purchase and enter the key after the final domain is linked to the website. They are amazing, however! Very fast, very helpful, and friendly! When I first emailed, I assumed they were going to be like “sorry, your loss for not knowing,” or “you have to buy it again” but they weren’t! Since I still only needed the 3 I bought, on 3 sties, they actually helped me fix the problem that I now know how to prevent with future websites. 100,000,000 times I recommend them!

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