• Writers are expert procrastinators– or at least I am. I can make it seem like I’m getting a lot done when I’m actually just eating donuts and watching Stranger Things on Netflix.

    MyBookProgress allows you to create a plan and set a deadline to finish your magnum opus. Better yet, it will message you weekly asking you to update your word count, chapter count, or other metric of your choosing so you can keep up to date. With a quick click of a button, that update is turned into a post so you can update your readers. There is no better motivation than the fear of telling your readers you decided to watch the Bachelorette and eat Ho Hos instead of writing.

    You’ll also be motivated if you (like me) only update when you get that email. Every week that I think I was being a lazy sack of beans, I grudgingly input my progress and am always amazed at how many words I produced. MyBookProgress has me writing every day which means that it has motivated me to get my books written faster than ever before.

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